Hugh Hefner’s Son Marston Hefner Calls Out Family “Double Standard” on Sexuality After Joining OnlyFans

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Marston Hefner is brushing off those who aren't a fan of his OnlyFans.

In fact, the son of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner hit back at his family members for holding a "double standard" on sexuality, claiming that, for them, men's expression "wasn't as acceptable" as women's.

"You can be the CEO of the people getting naked," he told The Messenger in an interview published Aug. 22. "But don't be the person getting naked."

Marston further slammed the stigmatization of sex workers, adding, "You can pay sex workers but you can't f–king be one?"

"It's f–king bulls–t," the 33-year-old said. "That upsets me."

Hugh Hefner’s Son Marston Hefner Calls Out Family “Double Standard” on Sexuality After Joining OnlyFans

He explained that his own ease around nudity was shaped by his childhood in the Playboy Mansion, as well as his lack of embarrassment surrounding the career of his mom, Playboy model Kimberley Conrad.

"My mom posed for Playboy," Marston said. "I was never ashamed of it. I mean, I didn't want to see her naked. But it was also just normal. Nudity is normal. I heard that all the time."

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However, Marston clarified that he believed there was a "distinction" between pornography and nudity. As he put it, "Playboy is not pornography. Even though people are jerking off to it, it's not the same thing."


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And when it comes to OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for hosting NSFW content, Marston said he's not showing anything too risqué or filming sexual acts.


"There's that line where my family would be like, 'That's pornography,'" he added. "But as long as I do just tasteful nudes, then it's not pornography, that sort of idea. That's ridiculous in my opinion."

As for his inner circle, Marston previously revealed that his wife Anna Lambropoulos has tried to be as supportive as possible of his venture.

"She's not crazy about me being on OnlyFans. She would rather me not be on OnlyFans," he told Page Six in an interview published June 13, "but what's more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests—taking risks."

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